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Where business is always a pleasure

Who says business-related events are often predictable and boring? It’s certainly not true for those held at Dana Beach Resort – a luxurious water-front destination that promises to be the most appropriate venue with its miles of golden sands on the sparkling azure sea of Half Moon Bay in Al Khobar.

Business-related events deserve the utmost in luxury, efficiency, attention to detail and modern conveniences… and we all know what a huge difference a breathtaking setting makes when it comes to closing deals, impressing clients, and blending business with pleasure.

Our magnificently striking ambience forms the perfect backdrop for your corporate event and is effectively complemented by 5-star hospitality, bespoke catering, a wide array of activities for engaging fun and even offers opulently designed accommodations if required.

Add to the mix bespoke catering solutions, an array of thrilling activities to boost engagement and bring fun to your function, and peerless design and home comforts, and you’ll see why we’re the first choice for businesses seeking to make the ultimate best impression.

That’s the Dana Beach Resort promise, and one we’ve built our flawless reputation upon.

Where capacity meets capability

We believe that the most memorable corporate events are those which blend inspiration, enjoyment, and luxurious flourishes – and whether you’re seeking to hold an international conference, a new product launch, employee retreat or team-building session, or hold the meetings that will seal that next big deal, we’ve got you covered.

At Dana Beach Resort, we combine the convenience of a large-scale venue with cutting-edge facilities, sumptuous catering services, creative solutions, and a meticulous approach that leaves no stone unturned. Little wonder, therefore, that we’re the venue of choice for high-ranking corporate clients including Saudi Aramco, STC, Mobily, Siemens, P&G, and Al Dawa… to name but a few.

The Five S’s of Excellence at Dana Beach Resort

Every corporate or private event is unique, and should be treated as such. At Dana Beach Resort, we recognise the individual features of each and every event we host, and strive to deliver a bespoke service from start to finish. However, there are certain factors which remain consistent no matter whether we’re hosting a board meeting, a conference, or a luxurious wedding.

  • Stunning location:

What sets the stage for success of any corporate event is a suitably impressive and remarkable venue. Dana Beach Resort scores a perfect 10 on this front being located in the most exquisite surroundings of the picture-perfect Half Moon Bay that offers glorious views by day or night. Its contemporary elegance, classic beach charm and traditional hospitality makes it ideal for corporate retreats, client presentations and seminars.

  • Scalable spaces:

Capacity is one of the most important factors that make for a perfect venue as corporate events cannot be one-size fits-all gatherings. Depending on the number and configuration of attendees whether 15 or 4500, we offer a mix of intimate to larger meeting rooms, spacious state-of-the-art conference halls, and even lavish banquet spaces including outdoor spaces that cater to your company’s specific requirements.

  • Service with a smile:

Our team of professionals and on-site staff live and breathe hospitality. We have the skills and experience to execute your event with efficiency, and will go out of our way, ever ready to not only meet your expectations but exceed them as well, and ensure that the event lives up to your image and expectations.

  • Sumptuous dining:

We believe that food is truly at the heart of the memorability of an event. At Dana Beach Resort you will have a delightful variety of delectable dining options available across a spectrum of cuisines that satisfy every palate. Choose from our masterfully crafted menus or opt for our catering packages that can be tailored to suit your exact needs including live stations and themed menus.

  • Suitable amenities & activities:

While some companies prefer formal conference style events, others like to focus on fun team-building activities, and yet there are others that extend over a few days. Our 3 fully equipped meeting rooms with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment and technical support meets the requirements of the former while our on-site facilities with water sports, gaming rooms and more are ideal for fun corporate retreats with an option for delegates to stay in our well-appointed luxurious villas.

Meeting Rooms, Boardrooms, and Banquet Halls Par Excellence

Our beautiful meeting rooms and event spaces have been meticulously designed to not only meet your every need, but to surpass every expectation. Featuring stunning design features, a wide range of next-gen AV equipment, high-speed internet, and luxurious furnishings, there’s an events space at Dana Beach Resort that’s perfect for you.

1) Coral Boardroom

It’s impossible not to be impressed by the elegance and sophistication of our signature boardroom, which is ideal for making a significant impression at your next business meeting, board summit, or smaller-scale corporate presentation. With comfortable seating, beautiful interior design features, and superb AV tech as standard, this meeting room is ideal for those seeking to make a lasting impact.

  • Capacity: 14 persons
  • Ideal for smaller executive meetings and presentations
  • Catering and espresso machines available
  • Room includes high-speed internet, AV equipment, projector and screen

2) Shaza Banquet Room

Breathtakingly opulent, beautifully designed, and wonderfully spacious, the Shaza Banquet Room at Dana Beach Resort matches sophistication and elegance with the ideal professional setting for mid-sized conferences, awards ceremonies, product launches, and private functions such as weddings and birthdays. With a plethora of bespoke services, and a private theatre for the utmost in corporate entertainment and engagement, there’s no wonder it’s the first choice for many of our most prestigious clients.

  • Capacity: 360 persons
  • Ideal for business gatherings, mid-size conferences, awards presentations, product launches, private functions, dinners
  • Room includes high-speed internet, AV facilities, projector and screen

Banquet room in Dana Beach Resort

3) Saray Banquets Hall

Seeking a large-scale venue for your next high-profile launch, conference, or corporate ceremony? The Saray Banquet Hall is the spacious jewel in the Dana Beach Resort crown, offering a truly luxurious solution for all of your corporate and private event needs. Designed to make a significant impact, complete with vast floor space and an array of customisable features, this banquet hall is perfect for larger events with truly memorable and glamorous credentials. Offering plenty of possibilities for bespoke event space design, the banquet hall can also be divided to separate men from women upon request.

  • Capacity: 1200 persons
  • Ideal for high-profile launches, corporate ceremonies, large conference, large-scale private events
  • Luxurious bespoke catering options available
  • Room includes high-speed internet, AV facilities, projector and screen

Banquet Hall

4) Marina Plaza (Outdoor)

There’s no getting away from the fact that one of the most attractive features of Dana Beach Resort as a corporate venue is its stunning location… So why not make the most of the outdoor space and hire an open-air events venue? The Marina Plaza offers a vast floorspace, making it ideal for international conferences, business summits, corporate awards ceremonies and grandiose private functions, with the additional benefit of views of the bay and easy access to a plethora of luxury features. This events space can also come with beach-front catering and a full table set-up, and a huge outdoor projector. For those needing the largest facility anywhere in Half Moon Bay, there’s simply no competition!

  • Capacity: 4500 persons
  • Ideal for high-profile business summits, product launches, international conferences and other large-scale events
  • Luxurious bespoke catering options available
  • Event space includes high-speed internet, AV facilities, projector and screen

Open air beach front banquet

Gastronomic Delights and Catering Perfection

No matter what kind of corporate or private event you have your heart set on holding at Dana Beach Resort, your guests and delegates deserve nothing but the finest when it comes to F&B and catering options.

We take a huge amount of pride in our catering facilities, and strive to deliver the utmost in perfection when it comes to offering bountiful and sumptuous food and drink for all of our events. Our highly-trained team has years of expertise in providing catering solutions for weddings, functions, private parties, corporate hospitality, and much more besides, and we’d only be too happy to discuss the array of options available. From traditional and local cuisine to awe-inspiring celebration dishes, and from light buffet lunches for small groups to grandiose sit-down banquet dinners, when it comes to catering, we’ve got you covered.

If you long to have the excellence provided by Dana Beach Resort’s catering team at your off-site event, wedding, or party, you’re in luck – we have a travelling catering team, who will bring our array of signature local and international dishes to wherever your event may be.

Weddings at Dana Beach Resort

Few – if any – celebrations and life events are as worthy of luxury, excellence, and a beautiful setting as a wedding, and at Dana Beach Resort, we have organized several stunning beachfront weddings that will be cherished in the hearts of our esteemed guests.

With a backdrop of the azure waters of the Half Moon Bay, the glorious sunshine, our pristine catering options, and the joy that the coming together of families brings, a wedding at Dana Beach Resort is unlike any other. Thanks to our elegant events spaces, outdoor venue options, and opulent accommodation for couples and guests alike, our resort can provide a top-to-bottom bespoke service to ensure your wedding day is a celebration unlike any other.

Wdding rings


School Packages and Child-Friendly Fun

It’s no wonder children love spending time at Dana Beach Resort – at our beautiful facilities, you’ll uncover a whole world of adventure, countless activities, and no shortage of fun times to be had! From the splashing thrill of the water slides at our Kids Aqua Play to our fascinating mini zoo, and from the opportunity to learn new skills, sports, and activities like pony riding and sailing, a trip to our resort is every child’s dream come true.

Our dedicated team will ensure that safety always comes first, and you can rest assured that your child or children are in the best possible hands at all times. School trips and family holidays with the kids have simply never been better!

Learn more about School Packages here

Kids in swimming pool in Dana Beach Resort

Dana Beach Resort: Your Go-To Luxury Corporate Events Venue

Your clients, delegates, guests, and friends deserve only the best… and that’s exactly what they’ll uncover at Dana Beach Resort. We’ll ensure all the finest details are accounted for to guarantee an event like no other, complete with all of the opulence, elegance, and conveniences you could possibly wish for.

We’d love to have the opportunity to discuss our corporate and private event options further with you. If you’re interested in what Dana Beach Resort has to offer you and your company, feel free to get in touch today to book a visit and explore the resort’s myriad possibilities for yourself. We regularly offer special rates for corporate events, too, so be sure to make enquiries and book a memorable and powerful experience that could make all the difference to you, your team, and your company’s future.

Simply call us on 0500501768 to speak with one of our corporate event managers or send us your enquiry via email at sales@dbr.sa

To find out more visit https://www.dbr.sa/en/events-meetings/

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We look forward to welcoming you soon.

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