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Family Entertainment

Fun Fun Fun

Wave after wave of exhilaration and excitement is waiting to grab you and sweep you up in a whirlwind of sports and activities at Dana Beach Resort. It’s a holiday paradise packed with oceans of fun-filled opportunities for you and your family to have the time of their lives.

Whether you’re on, above or beneath the tempting turquoise water, it’s an invigorating experience all the way. But if you want to stay dry, there’s no end of fun-packed activities and luxury leisure to keep the kids happy at play and ‘Mums and Dads’ occupied away from the sea and shoreline.

Aqua Play family water park at Dana Beach Resort

Kids Aqua Play

Children's delight

Watch your kids have a blast plunging down one of the three water slides into the crystal clear water at our kid-friendly pools and water play area, located by the interior gardens of the resort

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Jet ski Aramco


Water Sports

Enjoy a fun filled day at the Marina offering an exciting line up of water sport activities for everyone. Whether you want to enjoy a family boat ride, or the thrill of a Jet Ski ride, or the challenge of parasailing, you will find an activity just right for you and your family.

The Marina is home to a fleet of boats, floating walkway, a hangar and offers a range of water sports activities for all ages

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bayclub pools at Dana Beach Resort


Family fun

Dana Bay provides guests with a large variety of recreational activities for all ages. We have dedicated children’s play areas designed to keep our little guests happy and entertained. From pools to kids aqua play and Indoor games, your children are sure to have the time of their lives!

So whether you are young, or just young at heart, you will find sporting and leisure activities to keep you entertained on your holiday from sunrise to sunset and beyond

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Equestrian DB

Dana Bay stud

Pure Arabian Experience!

Experience a once in a lifetime opportunity and ride a pure-bred Arabian horse across the white sands of our magnificent Equestrian club. The club is home to a number horses and is directed by professional trainers.

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