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What is the exact time to check in and check out?

Check-in is at 4.00 pm, and the check-out is at 1.00 pm

Are there lifeguards in beaches and public pools?

Yes, during official working hours we have lifeguards manning all the locations

Is there a 24-hour maintenance and cleaning service?

Yes, our Housekeeping & maintenance staff work round the clock for the guests

Do you have a Honeymoon package?

Yes, we have a custom Honeymoon package for couple. For more information ,you can check out this page : https://www.dbr.sa/en/packages/honeymoon-package/

Are pets allowed in the resort?

Pets are not allowed in the resort.

Can I swim in the sea opposite the villa?

Yes, you can swim by following the security and safety conditions at the resort and the border guards.

Are there a fixed number of car parks?

Yes, 2 car parks only for each villa.

Is there public parking for the daily visitors to the resort?

Yes, we have designated areas for public car park

Is there a 24-hour reception?

Yes, the front office operates 24×7

Can I receive visitors or guests?

The resort does not allow the reception of visitors or guests

Is there free internet?

Yes, all villa guests receive complimentary Wi-Fi

Do you allow food or restaurants from outside?

The resort offers excellent restaurants and café services.

Is it allowed to swim or use rubber boats after the sunset?

According to Coast guard instructions, swimming on the beaches is prohibited at sunset and rubber boats are not allowed.

Can I fish?

Yes, you can but only in designated fishing areas.

Is there a mosque for Friday prayers?

Yes, we have 2 mosques inside the property with Friday prayers held in one of them with Khutbah

Is there an ATM inside the resort ?

Yes, we have an ATM in the Dana Bay Club

Is there a clinic or doctor in the resort?

Yes, we have an in-house Dr. and a clinic

Are there restaurants serving round the clock?

Room service receives orders during special seasons till 1am.

How many maids are allowed?

There is only one maid’s room in all villas except Sunset Villas. The maids are counted within the total number guests in a family.

Is there an airport pick-up service?

Yes, airport & train station pick up can be prearranged and subject to availability. Please check contact us page for more details

Is there a mini market?

Yes, we have a mini market available which sells soft drinks, food & beverages. We also have a sports shop & a gifts shop. Please check our Retail outlets page.

Can the daily visitors stay overnight at the resort?

No, the daily visit ends when the facilities are closed. Click here to know more


Can I check the villa before renting it?

Yes, you can check of any villa by getting in touch with our Front office. They will assign an associate to take you on a tour to select the best villa that fits your needs

Are all villas with direct sea view?

We have a total of 79 villas with direct sea view/beach access except for Garden Villas. Garden villas are within the interiors of the resort overlooking the kid’s aqua play

Is there a specific number of people for the villa?

Yes, there is a fixed number for each category of villa. Please check the booking page or our villa page https://www.dbr.sa/en/villas/

Can I add more members if my family number is more than six?

As the rent is for one family only, a maximum of 2 additional persons per villa can be accepted for an extra fee per person per night. It is forbidden to receive guests and friends inside the chalet.

Are there public beaches for residents of the Garden Villas?

Yes, everyone has access to public beaches

Is there a barbecue in the villa?

Yes, all villa come equipped with complimentary barbeque stands

Is there a place/villa dedicated to physically challenged guests?

Yes, there are special villas and the guests are welcome at any time.

Is there a private car park for each villa?

Yes. Car parking is available for 2 cars for each villa

Making a booking

Do I need a credit card to confirm my reservation?

No, you don’t need a credit card, you can pay through various payment methods.

Is there any insurance or extra money to be paid for renting a villa?

Yes, guests will have to pay a refundable insurance on the villa. Refund will be made upon departure, unless the guest has any other financial obligations.

Do I need to show my national ID when checking in?

Yes, it is mandatory under the laws of Saudi Arabia.

Can I request for early check in?

Yes, subject to availability only.

Can I request a late check out?

Yes, you can contact the front office, subject to the availability & discretion of the management

Why is insurance required?

The villa and its contents are entrusted to the guest and the refund will be made on check out, unless the guest has any other financial obligations.

Is there a late check out fee for the villa?

Yes, subject to the availability.

Cancel or change booking

“I want to change or cancel my reservation, how can I do that “?

If you have made a reservation online, you can change or cancel it via “My Reservation” at the top right of the screen. You can look up your reservation by entering your e-mail address in combination with reservation number on your confirmation.

If you have made a reservation by calling us on 0138999900, please call the same number again to speak to our agents and they will be ready to assist you. Please make sure to have your confirmation before calling.

Please note: It is not possible to cancel or change a Non-Refundable reservation.


Are swimming pools temperature controlled?

Yes, the public pools in the Dana Club and the Ladies Club are temperature controlled.

Is there a Club car to move between facilities?

Yes, you can rent a Club car during official working hours to move between resort facilities.

Are there special pools for women?

Yes, there is a women’s club which has 2 Ladies pools & Ladies private beach. The club/facility is entirely private and operated by women. Please check this page – https://www.dbr.sa/en/spa/

Is there water sports in the resort?

Yes, there is a Marina, and visitors can rent jet skis, speed boat as well as banana boats. Click here for more unformation

Is there a diving club?

Yes, we offer Diving courses. For more info please contact 0549955544

Is there a special track for women in the equestrian club?

Yes, there’s a private area for Ladies horse riding. Click here to learn more

Do you have something exclusively for kids?

Yes, we have the kids aqua play just for our little guests. Entry to the kids aqua play is complimentary to all Dana Beach Resort guests. Click here to know more

Are women allowed to ride jet skis?

Yes, according to the conditions applicable at the Marina.

Is there a gym for men?

Yes we have gym but the entry is limited to the villa  guests only.


Are private parties allowed?

Please contact our Sales department on 050 050 1768 or email them on sales@dbr.sa

Do you host kids events?

Yes, we have a special schools package. Please contact our sales department to book the event or click here to learn more

Are speakers allowed in the resort?

Speakers are not allowed.

Are there catering services inside the resort ?

Yes, our F&B team can cater in-house and outdoor also at any location in Khobar, Dammam & Dhahran. Please fill up the form here

Do you have Meeting & Conference facilities

Yes, we have 3 state of the art meeting rooms in Dana Beach Resort. Over the years, we’ve hosted companies like STC, Mobily, P&G, Siemens and more. Check out our meetings page here

You can book a free site visit by getting in touch with our sales associates.


Do you have Membership program ?

Yes, we offer an yearly membership program. Please check our membership page : https://www.dbr.sa/en/memberships/