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92nd Saudi National Day – 2022

This Saudi National Day Celebrate Togetherness at Dana Beach Resort

This year at Dana Beach Resort, join us in celebrating the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and share beautiful moments for the 92nd Saudi National Day. We are proud to share some of the values we take from the country we call home. One of these values is togetherness and the art of sharing experiences. This is why we are inviting you to spend this National Day with us, so you can celebrate National Day with the people you love.

Dana Beach Resort has always loved hosting families, creating unforgettable moments and celebrating the finer things in life. We also want to make sure that experiences are enjoyed with one another – after all, happiness is doubled when shared. So, join us this National Day weekend and create moments with your family and loved ones, as this is what celebrating our nation truly means, to celebrate one another and always stand together.

Getaway at Dana Beach Resort

To create a memorable National Day weekend, Dana Beach Resort has curated a National Day Offer, one that gets you to indulge in the luxury of our facilities including the private pools, the private ladies’ beach, the spa and its relaxing café’s aura, the wonderful spaces in the private villas and much more while you celebrate our national pride together. Book for 2 nights from the 21st to the 23rd of September using the promo code NDAY15 and receive an instant 15% discount with a starting price of 2,805 SAR.

Spend quality time over a delectable buffet at Al Sayyad Restaurant on our beautiful premises. Watch the sunset and the crashing waves as you share a great set of meals with the ones you love. This traditionally prepared feast features a delectable range of local specialities, traditional treats, and international fare, freshly prepared by the Dana Beach Resort team of chefs. Indulge in dishes like Chicken Biryani, Grilled Awwsal, Lebanese Lamb Harrisa, and much more. Reserve your spot for a rate of 160 SR plus 15%VAT, surrounded by your family, our hospitable team, and delicious food. Don’t miss out on the luxury facilities, the warm sun, the open skies, our dedicated spa, and private pools with the people that matter to you.

It’s a Family Affair

And keep in mind that this celebration is for the whole family. We want to make sure that everyone is having an equally great time. This weekend is meant to be special. And in the spirit of making the whole family join in the fun, we have organized a special program for the families joining us for the National Day weekend! We guarantee the activities will be entertaining and will keep that enthusiasm maintained for the whole weekend.

For the kids, we have organized a weekend full of activities at the Fun Zone including the Hanging Challenge, coloring and painting activities, Slime DIY, Transformers, Statues and Magic Chairs. These fun and interactive activities will take place from 6 PM till 10 PM. The kids get to celebrate as well while you enjoy your time in the indulgence that Dana Beach Resort curates for you.

Make this Weekend Count

At Dana Beach Resort, not only will you lounge in the beautified scenery, listen to the serene sound of the Arabian Sea moving and feel the sun on your skin, you will also spend the weekend celebrating our great nation with the ones you love. Dana Beach Resort is the place for you to make this weekend as indulgent and enjoyable as possible. In the fading summer sun, you can surround yourself with beauty, share mouth-watering food, relaxed moments, and fun activities with the ones that mean the most to you whilst also being part of the nation’s celebration. While we celebrate our country together, let’s always create moments together. And this year, we invite you to create them with us.

Hurry and book your Saudi National Day weekend stay now for 15% off for 2 or more nights. Book Direct here to enjoy exclusive welcome amenities or call us at +966 13 8999900.

**This discounted offer does not include the Royal Villas.

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Ladies Water Park

All Dana Beach Resort female guests will get 4 Free tickets to Loopagoon Water Park which is located in the same property. Loopagoon features more than 10 water rides & slides along with private beach. The park timing this weekend is from 2pm to 9pm and you get unlimited access to the rides.

Visit Loopagoon Website BOOK YOUR VILLA

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